Zero Harm philosophy. This concept of zero harm means no harm to anyone, at any time whilst at work. We strongly believe that through commitment to planning and management, all workplace incidents can be avoided.

Our commitment to responsible work, health and safety extends across everything we do, and is a significant and essential part of our everyday business and project management activities.

We adhere to our WHS principals in all areas of operation:

  • Assuring that everyone at work understands the tasks being performed and how best to perform them, providing regular and suitable training.
  • Providing equipment and facilities that are in good condition, and fit for purpose.
  • Ensuring we comply with all relevant regulations and where possible, taking steps to establish best practice in excess of these requirements.
  • Commitment to continual improvement through the periodic assessment of our work practices, and the investigation and implementation of improvements.
  • Allocating resources towards the identification, assessment, elimination or control of all hazards in order to achieve Zero Harm.
  • Providing a work environment where effective, open and transparent communication and collaboration is encouraged.

As an expression of our commitment to Safety, Digga Excavations maintain accreditation under the International Standard AS/NZS 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.

Workplace health and Safety

Workplace health and Safety