Our Vision

We aim to achieve this goal though alignment with our shared core business values:

Quality in all areas of operation

Quality in all areas of operation

Workplace health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

Environmental protection

Environmental Protection

Honesty and transparency

Honesty and Transparency

Our Values


We are problem solvers, we are creators


We uphold integrity through honesty


We have the courage to shape a better future


We build better when we work together as a team


What we do, we do well

Providing Opportunities to Achieve

At Digga Excavations, we provide opportunity to achieve and exceed client expectations and goals. We do this through the application of innovative techniques, ingenuity and flexibility in our service delivery.

We value our employees, providing them with opportunities to achieve fulfilment and workplace satisfaction.

We are committed to Zero Harm in the workplace and in-turn provide staff with opportunities to achieve their best, each and every day, through a safe and healthy work environment.

We recognise our suppliers are integral to the delivery of service to our clients, so we work closely with these suppliers to provide them with opportunities to achieve the best outcome for our clients.