Management Team


Simon Healey

General Manager

Digga Excavations Manager, Simon Healey had a vision and believed that the construction industry required a can do attitude and approach. This approach has allowed Digga to grow to what is has become today. Simon has over 20 years’ experience working in the construction and civil construction industry. Through hard work and dedication, the business has grown from one truck and an excavator, to an extensive fully serviced fleet of over 250 individual plant items.

Simon has invested vast amounts of personal energy into the development and expansion of Digga Excavations as he truly believes Digga’s broad spectrum of specialised equipment, coupled with its enthusiastic and dedicated employees, will assist in providing opportunities to the community of Tasmania.


Jenni Healey


Jenni has taken an active role within Digga Excavations performing all manner of functions over its 10 years of operation. Jenni now manages a team of administrative professionals in her capacity as Business Manager.

Jenni’s eye for detail and determination to only accept the best has allowed Digga to achieve exceptional standards for many business undertakings.

Jenni has over 20 years’ experience in administration, and specializes in the areas of Human Resources, recruitment and management.


Luke Davey

Northern Operations

Luke commenced with Digga Excavations in 2004, and quickly asserted himself as a leader amongst his peers. In 2010 he was appointed to the position of Operations Manager.

Luke has over 15 years’ experience in the Civil Construction Industry and has worked at almost every organisation level. As a result Luke is able to apply a specialised skills set and a broad perspective to the management process.

Luke’s ability to think progressively and manage projects fully has facilitated Digga’s ability to complete Projects on time, within budget, whilst maintaining safety and a high quality standard.


Brad Spilsbury


The Digga Excavations Workshop has undergone substantial development and change over the last 5 years. An instrumental figure in this period of change has been Brad Spilsbury our Workshop Manager. Brad finished his diesel mechanics apprenticeship in 2001 and has been working in the industry ever since, joining the Digga team in 2014.

Brad and his team of high achieving mechanics/technicians have proven their worth, being able to manage a very extensive and varied fleet.


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